Aryk Allyn is an American novelist and song writer currently based out of Minnesota. not only does Aryk have years of traveling under his belt, but the documentation of the experiences while hitchiking across the country in his best selling book "Psychedelic Streets". To learn more about this book and his upcoming publishing scroll down.
//Psychedelic Streets: by Aryk Allyn
The turbulent times of the sixties, unrequited love, a lack of parental understanding, and a dream of musical success influence the author as an innocent youth to set out on a hitchhiking journey around the country carrying only a guitar and a change of clothes with a stranger from Colorado.  Reality clashes with naivete as a small town midwestern boy sees firsthand the real world.  Turned on by sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll he finds the streets to be psychedelic.
//Between and Outside
A fantasy about 4 kids, age 11 going on 1,000, with special abilities.  Each one represents a basic element – Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  Together, two girls and two boys, they form a team to confront unexplainable shadow events in order to sustain the light in an ever darkening world.
Psychedelic Streets is a book about a young man's journey to reach for his dream. The book centers on its main character Aryk Allyn, a young man who wants to fulfill his dream of being an artist. The book is set during the sixties, a time when rock and roll started to garner a much larger audience. If this is an era that you do not know a lot about, this is a perfect opportunity to buy this book. 

Bookworms who have read the book think the story was well-done. Everything was explained properly and the sequence of events stuck to a T. If you are a fan of famous musicians from the 60s, you will definitely enjoy this novel. 

On the other hand, readers who are quite hesitant to read from this genre, don't be. Why? Because the novel is very informative. It gives readers a background on what has happened during those times. A perfect way to reminisce, if you were a part of the 60s movement. 
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