The poetry written by Aryk Allyn displays his unique style and expereinces from his journeys and more.
//Walk My Walk
I walk my walk on planet earth and face the
obstacles in my path.
Some I have put there by my own ignorance.
Some I have planted by my wrath.
It may take a lifetime to get wise.
Wise enough to remove them all...
wuns up on a time thare wuz a littel gurl who had a littel curl who
thawt she wuz a swan whooz muther wuz a fawn and she ran
arownd the town telling evry wun arownd that she wuz princess
bee and she had cum to free evry wun.
she wuz a vary bizee littel gurl who had no time for shenanny gans
who livd across the way and alwayz wanted to play and wanted to
have a dans but never had a chans becawz the bizzee littel gurl
who had a littel curl wuz out freeying every wun...
//Straight to the Heart
Straight to the heart
This arrow flew
Not in any round
about way
But direct
And true...
//Across The Water
Across the water
reflecting on a day
of liquid thoughts
calm and serene
like the moment
within my spirit...

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